Cookies, Analytics & Tracking

We only use minimal cookies necessary for site functionality. We do NOT use tracking pixels or track you off this site.

If you are just browsing this website, we are not tracking you personally, although we are collecting aggregate analytics about visitors to this website, which may include information such as where (geographically) you are browsing from, the type of computer and browser you are using, and the page you came from if you clicked on a link to bring you here (the referrer). IP addresses are logged by Drupal, this information is only used for security purposes. Our website analytics tool Fathom is cookie-free and privacy-oriented. You can see our website analytics here.

If you wish to hide your IP address (and other information about where you are browsing from) from the websites you visit, check out the Mozilla VPN.

We use video hosting service Dyntube for video streaming, with cookies and analytics switched off. Offline viewing options are also provided for each video.

If you complete a form on this website, your data will be stored in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. We use the open source CiviCRM tool, integrated with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). If you interact on social media or contact us, this information may also be manually added to our CRM. We never track you automatically outside of your direct interactions with us, and we won't share or sell your information with anyone else. The server where we store this data is based in the United States, our server's Privacy and Data Processing Statement is here.

Email & Mailing Lists

We use for and emails.

We may in future send emails through a third party SMTP service, this page will be updated if that occurs.

If you give us permission to add you to a mailing list, we may email you on that or closely related topics. You can always view the lists you are on, unsubscribe from any of them, or opt out entirely from future bulk email communication.

We may also email you individually or because we need to contact you related to a transaction.


We use secure, unique passwords stored in a secure password manager. We use two-factor authentication where supported.